Image consulting with a little less starch.

Okay, so you want to look amazing. But whose idea of amazing? Some stiff corporate manual or trendy celebrity stylist? At Naked we’ll help you find your own, simple, original style. Build a wardrobe around it. And have a little fun while we’re at it.

Here's how image consulting works.


Do you often say, “I don’t have a thing to wear”?  Are you feeling frumpy?  Would you like to look more “pulled together”?  Would you like someone else to just dress you? Working with Naked is similar to the popular TV show What Not To Wear without the public humiliation and catty remarks (unless you want the catty remarks, but that costs extra).

Naked is an Atlanta, Georgia based company offering men’s and women’s image consultant, fashion consultant and wardrobe consultant services.  Some call it image consulting or wardrobe consulting or fashion consulting.  Others refer to it as hiring a stylist or getting a total fashion makeover.  Whatever you call it, our goal is to create a wardrobe for you that reflects your personality and your style.  You may not feel like you have a personal style, but you do.

Who is a good fit for image consulting? The 40-something mom who wants to spend some much deserved time on herself.  The 30-something entrepreneur who wants an outward appearance reflecting her company’s unique brand. The single man about town focused on dating. The newly divorced woman desiring an updated look to match her new outlook. Or, the 50-something in a wardrobe rut.

Whatever your reason is for hiring a wardrobe consultant, at Naked we’ll make sure that the end result is a wardrobe that reflects who YOU truly are, not who we think you should be.