About Naked

Fashion consultant Carmen Westbrook

Fashion from the inside out

“What I like about fashion has nothing to do with the superficial aspect of it - the “it” bag of the season, possessing everything that is hot, new, or purely high end designer. It’s about how the perfect outfit can transform the way you feel. It’s about creating a wardrobe that’s a true reflection of your unique personality and style.”

That simple fashion philosophy, and a real desire to do something meaningful, is what led Carmen Westbrook to create Naked. She’s truly passionate about fashion and making people feel comfy in their own skin (with some clothes on, of course).

What came before Naked

Carmen’s first profession? Bean counter. Not a lot of passion there (no offense, fellow accountants!). Then her entrepreneurial spirit led her to co-found a consumer promotions agency, creating campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. After 10 successful years, it was time to reinvent herself yet again. Now she is an Atlanta based image consultant helping her clients make subtle wardrobe changes for a big impact or often times performing a complete fashion makeover.

One thing we know

We don’t believe fashion will change the world. Nor do we believe people should be judged on what they wear. But we do know this: if you look great, and you feel like you look great, amazing transformations can occur.

London Image Institute
Carmen is certified with the London Image Institute in Level 1 Foundation Training.


Lester R. McCarter, III

Lester R. McCarter, III joined the team in 2014 after meeting Carmen and realizing their shared love of transformation. Prior to becoming an independent image consultant and stylist, Lester spent nearly 22 years in retail management and later gained valuable experience and knowledge during his tenure as a Senior Personal Stylist at Nordstrom. While at Nordstrom he was regularly honored with “Customer Service All Star” awards and obtained a “FIT” certificate for stylists.

Lester regularly consults with clients from a variety of backgrounds. He enjoys teaching them how to utilize what they have, shopping for and with them and making them feel current, professional and confident.