Naked Peeps



Cindy Wade loves Naked!

Cindy WadeCindy Wade, owner of Salon Carcica, recently got the Naked Fashion Help experience. It's been described as a bit like the TV Show, What Not To Wear, without the public humiliation. A kinder, gentler approach.

Cindy says she learned three key things that significantly changed the way she looks and how she shops for clothes. "I learned my most flattering clothing colors; that I'm long-waisted vs. short (as I'd always thought); and most importantly, I learned how knowing this helps me choose the right clothes for my figure."

"While working with Carmen, we determined I had about $2,000 in clothing (accumulated over a few years) that I never wore, but didn't understand why I didn't like the way it looked.  NOW I know and I save money and time when shopping."


Here's how Naked was able to help.....

Cindy has a "cool" undertone to her skin vs. "warm". Her most flattering colors are those in the "winter" palette. In general terms, she looks better in black vs. browns and in brighter, richer colors like the fuchsia shown here. Because her body silhouette is more rectangular in shape (i.e. little difference between her shoulders, bust, waist & hip measurements), she should avoid boxy shapes like the one in her before photo.  Also, because she is longer on the top half vs. her lower half, she should avoid styles that accentuate her long waist / upper half and make her legs appear shorter than they are. Her new looks make her appear longer and leaner...and who doesn't like that?